Build an online shop from scratch

Do you want to create a beautiful website to sell your amazing products? if the answer is yes! you are in the right place.

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Build an online shop

Does this sound familiar?


You feel like web design is really complicated


You struggle to know where to start


You don't understand cookies, GDPR or Distance Selling Regulations


You've started a website but just got stuck


The whole thing is scary and overwhelming

confused lady sitting in front of a computer

Let me help you achieve your goal!

Lady Gesturing Yes Sitting At Laptop Celebrating Business Success In Modern Office. Successful Entrepreneurship

I promise YOU can build your website!

I’ve been where you are, a small business without the funds to have a web designer build my site.

I understand the pain points and know how to support you.

My courses are fully supported with a private student Facebook group, messenger and live training.

You will never feel left out in the cold trying to work it all out on your own.

I can help you achieve this to boost your business in 2022!

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I’m Sian. I’m a tech-loving creative and have a passion for helping small businesses thrive.

These days I’m a web and graphic designer and build sites for a wide range of companies but I’ve been where you are.

I started out in my career as a jeweller, trying to build an online business back when it just wasn’t that easy!

I made mistakes and did it all the hard way. Now I want to help you get there a whole lot quicker with the guidance and support I didn’t have. 

Build An Online Shop From Scratch

Zoom Course


Location - Online via Zoom

You will need to be able to log into Zoom and work online.

Included - In the course fee

  • 16 hours training
  • Free pdf copy of Sian’s book Plan, Prep, Launch! with an option to purchase a discounted print copy
  • Pdfs covering the content being taught during the zoom sessions. These are available in advance so you can print them out and bring them with you.
  • A staging site hosted on Sian’s server to build your website away from public view.
  • Information on how to migrate and take your site live.
  • Messenger support
  • Private Student Facebook Group



This course is suitable for beginners

You do not need to have any experience with websites. We will start from the beginning. 


The sessions are broken into achievable sections

You will watch Sian run through what to do then you will repeat that action on your site. If you get stuck Sian will be available to help in a breakout room for privacy.


You will need a Divi Theme Licence

On this course we use the Divi Page Builder. You will need to sign up and buy a Divi Liecence before you come to the course. Find out more about Divi here.


You will need to a laptop and a separate screen

You will be building your own site online on a browser of your choice (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.).

You will need two screens to make it easier to work. A laptop or desktop computer and a second screen to display the zoom call. A tablet would work well or a separate screen attached to your computer. A phone screen will be too small to clearly see the demonstrations by Sian.


Limited to 15 students

Each course limited to 15 students (minimum requirement 4 students per course). Booking is on a first come, first served basis. There will be a waiting list, so if for any reason a student needs to cancel the next person on the list will be contacted.

course details


Course hours

There are two options available for the course.

Option 1 – 4 x 4 hours on Saturday Afternoon (2-6pm)

Option 2 – 8 x 2 hours on Thursday evening (7-9pm)


Preparation before the course

The better prepared you are, the easier the course will be, so it is advised that you prepare some of your content before the course starts. It’s not essential!

Full details of what to prepare will be emailed to each student after enrollment. I also go through it all in my book Plan, Prep, Launch! that you will get a free pdf copy of before the course starts.


Plan, Prep, Launch! ebook

I have written a book about all the things you need to know about and do before you create a website for your business. You will get a free pdf copy of this book after you enrol. I recommend you read through the book as it contains information about WordPress, domain names and hosting that will make everything much clearer.


WordPress and Woocommerce

We will be working with WordPress and Woocommerce both are free to use.


The Divi Page Builder by Elegant Themes

We will be using Divi to build the website. If you do not want to invest in Divi, I would not recommend enrolling in my course. There are other page builders but I like Divi and have chosen to teach with it. See below for more information about Divi.


A staging site will be provided

WordPress requires hosting and a domain name to work. For the course I will provide a staging site for each student with WordPress installed. When your site is finished and you are ready to launch it you will need to have a domain name and hosting in place. All the information you need to migrate your site from the staging server to its live server will be available.


During the course

The courses are run on Zoom.

The sessions are live, the aim is that you work along side me as I teach. I will demostrate something and then give you time to repeat it on your site. 

As it’s live you will be able to ask questions and get guidance as you work. 

You can choose to just watch and then work on your site afterwards.

All the sessions will be recorded and available afterwards in a student only area on the website. After you enrol on a course you will have a student account made for you.

The videos will remain available to you ongoing. 

If you miss a live session you will be able to watch the videos to catch up. 


do I need experience with websites?

No, we assume you know nothing.

We will start with WordPress loaded up and ready to go on a staging site for you. 

Information about WordPress, Domain names and hosting will be provided.

How does the course work?

The course is based on a group live Zoom calls.

You will be provided with a link via email to access the session.

During the sessions Sian will demonstrate something and you will repeat that on your website. If you have any questions you can ask them live on the session.

Each session will cover a different part of the website build and setting up the e-commerce shop.

You would need to come prepared to make the most of it. Details of what preparation is needed will be emailed to you ahead of the course starting.

You will also need two screens, one to run the Zoom call (it could be a tablet though a phone might be too small to clearly see what’s going on) and the other screen (desktop computer or laptop) would be needed to work on with an internet browser open so you could work on your site live as the class progressed.

What is included in the course?

Everything you need to know to get a fully functioning WordPress website up and running with a Woocommerce shop.

Is 16 hours enough time to build a website?

No! there are 16 hours of live Zoom teaching.

Unless you work super fast and have previous experience of designing websites you are very unlikely to be able to build your entire site during the live sessions. 

You will need to set aside time to work on your site between session. So you can come to the next session with any questions about what you have been working on. 

There will also be the option to ask questions in the Facebook group or directly to Sian via Messenger.  

Do I have to complete the course in a set time?

No, once the course is paid for you can take as long as you like to complete it.

You will have ongoing access to the content, including any extra modules added to the course in the future.

The course is a live event so it is advised to attend the live session. If you miss a session recordings will be available (approx. 24 hours) afterwards so you can re-watch them at your leisure.

It is possible to build your site without attending any live sessions.

How do I take my site live after finishing the course?

You will need a domain name and hosting when your site goes live.

On the course you will be working with a staging site on my hosting server.

A pdf with details will be provided on how to migrate (move) your site to your domain name when the site is ready.

Sian will be available on Messenger and in the private Facebook Student group to help.

Will the course cover the legal stuff?

The course will cover adding a cookie notice, privacy policy and terms to stay on the legal side of the Distance Selling Regulations.

This is all guidance and doesn’t constitute legal advice.

All students get a pdf copy of Plan, Prep, Launch that also talks about the legal stuff!

Will you cover SEO?

Yes, you will install an SEO plugin as part of the course and get the basic knowledge about what SEO is and how to complete listings for online search engines.

SEO is a complete subject in itself so I will only cover the basic information. If you need further help, I will give you a list of places to read up more about it.

does the course cover social media?

Yes and no!

If there is time on the final session we will look at how to sync your Woocommerce shop to Facebook and Instagram. 

If we run out of time, I’ll record a video and put it in with the recordings for the course on your Student dashboard. 

Does the course have a minimum student requirement?


All courses need a minimum of 4 students to run.

If 4 seats do not sell on any course date refunds will be given or an option to transfer to a new date that is guaranteed to run. 

Can I pay in instalments?

Sorry not at the moment!

Can I cancel and get a refund?

If you need to cancel your place on the course, please email as soon as you can. If you do not hear back within 48 hours via email please contact Sian on Messenger.

A refund of 75% will be given up to 7 days before the start of the course. 1-7 days before the start of the course, a refund of 50% will be given.

No refund will be given within 24 hours of the course starting or if you simply don’t turn up.

If you wish to move course dates, we will try to accommodate that. We cannot gaurantee this if the course dates you desire are full.

See our full cancellation and refund policy here

What does it cost?

Online shop from scratch


Live on Zoom


  • 16 hours of live training
  • Direct guidance from Sian
  • Ongoing support on messenger
  • Downloadable pdfs
  • Private Facebook group

Private coaching

woman having a video conference call her laptop


One to one coaching


  • Private one hour Zoom session
  • Recorded for future playback
  • £65 per hour

Divi by Elegant Themes


Divi is a website page builder and very powerful in helping you create a beautiful website easily. I love Divi and in the video below I explain why I like it and why I use it in my courses. Get Divi (affiliate link)

My courses use the Divi Page Builder, it is a premium software so you will need to purchase it to get the most out of the course.

I do not purchase it for you so you have the licence in your name.

Please note the link to Elegant Themes has my affiliate code in it, this costs you nothing but helps me!

Stack of books titled Plan, Prep, Launch!


When you sign up to a course you will get a free PDF copy of this book. The book is also available to purchase here as a print copy.

See the full book details here.