Build an online shop from scratch

If you want to create a beautiful website to sell your amazing products you are in the right place!

Does this sound familiar?


You feel like web design is really complicated


You struggle to know where to start


You don't understand cookies, GDPR or Distance Selling Regulations


You've started a website but just got stuck


The whole thing is scary and overwhelming

confused lady sitting in front of a computer


join this course

I promise YOU can build your website!

This course will take you through everything you need to know to build your site.

It’s broken into bite sized modules that are easy to work through at your own pace.

At the end you will have a fully functioning online shop attached to your Facebook page and Instagram profile.

I’ll be here on weekly group coaching calls, on messenger and in a private students Facebook group to guide you at any point.

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I’ve been where you are, a small business without the funds to have a web designer build my site. I understand the pain points and know how to support you.


I can help you achieve this to boost your business in 2022!

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I’m Sian. I’m a techie-loving creative and have a passion for helping small businesses thrive.

These days I’m a web and graphic designer and build sites for a wide range of companies but I’ve been where you are.

I started out in my career as a jeweller, trying to build an online business back when it just wasn’t that easy!

I made mistakes and did it all the hard way. Now I want to help you get there a whole lot quicker with the guidance and support I didn’t have. 

Join the course

Build an online shop from scratch

And you will have a fabulous website to sell your amazing products to your customers directly and through your social media channels

This course will give you…

A sales converting website

An online shop to promote your products on social media

An understanding of the legal requirements and a start on the SEO

All broken into modules with videos and downloadable pdfs.

A Facebook group to keep you accountable, help you stay focussed and on target to achieve your goals.


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What is included?

Video modules and pdfs

Pre-recorded short videos that you can work through at your own pace. Stop and start as you need to with no time pressure, apart from what you put on yourself!

Downloadable pdfs to keep by your side as you work through the videos or to use offline.


Private facebook group

A Facebook group for students only, where you can ask questions, get help from me and other students.

Run ideas and page layouts passed the group and get feedback.

Talk about your goals and desires to stay focussed and on target.

weekly group coaching

For 8 weeks from the launch date there will be a one hour weekly Zoom coaching call, where you can ask questions and get the answer immediately.

If you can’t make a call, you’ll be able to post questions in ahead of the call and watch a play back in the course dashboard.

private coaching

If you need help with a specific thing, then you’ll also be able to book a private Zoom call with me!

Fee applies.

What does it cost?


£300 £150

Beta class price for enrolment before
28th March 2022

Build your own online store from scratch, using WordPress and Woocommerce


  • Video modules
  • Downloadable pdfs
  • Private Facebook group
  • 8 (Weekly) group coaching calls


student making notes during online lesson


Build your own online store plus 3 private one hour coaching sessions


  • Video modules
  • Downloadable pdfs
  • Private Facebook group
  • 8 (Weekly) group coaching calls
  • 3 x private one hour Zoom sessions

Private coaching

woman having a video conference call her laptop


Need a one to one, one hour coaching session?


  • Private one hour Zoom session
  • Recorded for future playback
  • £75 per hour



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What is included?

Everything you need to know to get a fully functioning WordPress website up and running with a Woocommerce shop.


do I need experience with websites?

No, this course assumes you know nothing and will cover everything from what a domain name is and hosting to the complete website build.

If you already have some experience, you’ll be able to skip over the first couple of modules and dive into the build immediately.

Do I have to complete the course in a set time?

No, once the course is paid for you can take as long as you like to complete the course.

You will have lifetime access to the content, including any extra modules added to the course in the future.

When are the group coaching calls?

For 8 weeks from the launch of the course there will be a weekly Zoom coaching call.

For the Beta class we will discuss the best time to suit the majority of students after the enrolment period is finished. I will be suggesting mid week Wednesday or Thursday.

You can either sign in and be there live to ask questions or just follow along with whatever we are covering.

If you can’t make it to the live call you will be able to watch a recording from the course dashboard afterwards.

The recordings will stay available so you can go back in and watch them multiple times.

Every time the course launches there will be another set of 8 weekly calls. Students from the previous classes will be allowed to join future calls.

Will the course cover the legal stuff?

Yes, the course will cover adding a cookie notice, privacy policy and terms to stay on the legal side of the Distance Selling Regulations.

This is all guidance and doesn’t constitute legal advice.

Will you cover SEO?

Yes, there is an SEO module in the course.

This will give you the basic knowledge about what SEO is and how to complete listings for online searches.

SEO is a complete subject in itself so I will only cover the basic information. If you need further help, I will give you a list of places to read up more about it.

does the course cover social media?

Yes and no!

The course will cover how to add your Woocommerce shop to your Facebook page and sync all the products so they appear on your Facebook page.

After syncing with Facebook, I’ll cover how to make the same products show up in Instagram.

You will need both a business Facebook page and a business Instagram account linked to that Facebook page.

Can I pay in instalments?

Sorry not in the Beta group!

When the full price course is launched you will be able to pay in instalments.

There will be a discount for paying the whole fee in one go but also a 3 month payment plan.

Whether you pay in full or in instalments you’ll get access to the complete course immediately.